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1. Avoid converting a bedroom into a home office.

2. Wallpaper is hard to remove and bold patterns are more difficult to decorate around versus easily altered paint schemes.

3. Textured walls are also difficult to remove.It is more appropriate to consider wall art if the design warrants additional texture.

4. Highly personalized do it yourself projects with or without permits. These are prone to backfiring if not planned and executed well.

5. Unique, multiple or varied tiles and floor coverings.Less is more is the appropriate approach when choosing floor coverings.
Hardwood floors are taking over where carpet once ruled with the typical buyer. A popular solution in our immediate market area are the tiles that simulate wood planking.

6. Overly decorative light fixtures might be appealing to you but be a real turn off for someone else.

7. Bold, vibrant paint schemes usually turn off potential buyers.

8. Once believed to be the best investment was the high end kitchen however some studies now indicate a less then favorable 63% return on invested dollars spent. Best to only upgrade the bits and parts that need the most attention.

9. Whirlpool style tubs can be difficult to clean and use for some people. Walk-in showers present as a more appealing option for the typical buyer.

10. Removing valuable storage or closet space in order to expand another space. With a lack of basements in Florida storage is at a real premium.

11. Sunrooms can sometimes improve marketability but debatable as whether they positively affect value. Like pool tables their use wains over time and are very expensive.

12. Built in aquariums….need I say anything more.

13. Removing walls to combine two bedrooms into one is a sure fired way to reduce the value of your home. There had better be a cost effective plan for replacing it to suite the needs of a broader audience.

14. High end electronics and easily outdated high tech features and devices can confuse and turn a buyer off.

15. My personal preference for a pool in Florida is not necessarily on everyone else’s Christmas list.

16. The obligatory hot tub. Unless it’s a total write off and categorically necessary for therapeutic and mental health reasons these devices can be a real boat anchor on exit.

17. Converting or removing the garage option for other uses should also come with a plan to convert it back.

18. Highly elaborate, high maintenance landscape designs. It may be your passion but there are definitely fewer of you then there are people that don’t want to spend countless hours or money keeping it up. This also holds true of trees that generate large messes seasonally or otherwise.

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