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There has never been a more positive outlook for tourism in Florida and in St. Johns County. Year over year visits continue to break records as tourists spend billions supporting 27 percent of the employment in the county.

In a survey regarding the use and or the location of recreational facilities and parks in St. Johns County, 40% and 21% of respondents respectively did not know what was being offered or the location of most facilities.

In one of the fastest growing counties in the country St. Johns, Florida population grew 20% between 2010 and 2016 and that pattern continues today. Recognizing this as a concern and barrier for the typical user St. Johns Parks and Recreation is working on the path towards a new Master Plan. In part the plan will be more proactive in the communicating of the long-range vision, opportunities and locations.

The following newsletter outlines just a few of the scheduled activities and useful links.

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