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We all love the feeling of a relaxing vacation retreat. Well, there’s no reason we can’t translate some of our favorite luxurious amenities into our very own home. 

1. Update your linens. What do top-notch spas and retreats always have? High quality bedding and towels. To give a little spa feeling to your bed and bathroom, splurge on the good stuff when it comes to linens.

2. Create a luxury zone. Whether it’s a pillow-lined reading nook in the kitchen or a garden patio blooming with your favorite flowers, create a space in your home that reads vacation. “With your own relaxation station, vacation is only a few steps away,” explains Berges.

3. Let in the light. A well-lit space always feels a bit more luxurious. Consider upgrading to larger windows, or add a skylight. “If you can’t afford to update your windows, keep your space feeling light with light-colored paint, furniture and accessories,” suggests Berges.

4. Get a handle on clutter. “It’s hard to feel at ease when your home is a mess,” says Berges. Creating a zen-like atmosphere requires more than a one-time cleaning plan. “Sit down with your family to discuss de-cluttering and cleaning responsibilities,” Berges suggests. Having a family cleaning day can really help take your (neat, organized) home to the bed-and-breakfast level.

5. Make sure your front hallway is welcoming. Coming home to a cluttered entryway immediately sets the mood of the house. Create an inviting, appealing entryway by storing all shoes, jackets, umbrellas and bags out of sight. “Add some interesting art to the wall, or make the space seem bigger with a mirror,” recommends Berges.

6. Turn your bedroom into a zen room. “High-end hotels always have beds you never want to leave,” explains Berges. Grant your own bedroom the same feeling with extra pillows, a cozy comforter and fresh flowers.

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